"Hark? Is there a point on a man's head, where if you shot it it will blow up?" Deadly serious face.

Bad Hair Club [Wally|Harkness]


Good, because it was getting a little awkward — talking about this kind of thing with the Security Chief wasn’t exactly something he’d expected when he’d sat down in the Rudder. Polishing off the remnants in his glass he twists in his chair, waving to Belle with a wink, ‘two’ he mouths, the woman grabbing the bottles, bringing them over to the table. He exchanges caps for the bourbon then turns back to Harkness and pushes a bottle towards him.

"Shouldn’t do that." He taps his finger on the table matter of factly. Thinking was the route cause of problems, if you didn’t think then you didn’t have a problem, easy.

Drown them in drink and just fucking forget for a while. 

"Funny," he rolls his eyes, “I’m drinking because I’m stupid, there’s a difference." he was drinking because he liked it, he was drinking because it dulled the urge to go and break his sobriety to chems. 

"You oughta’ loosen up, you’re not working now right? Fuckin’ forget all that shit—" he thinks momentarily, remembering the rumours, oh fucking right, yeah—!

"Hey so, can you even like get drunk?" he gives Harkness a knowing look, "You know cause you’re a robot and everything because shit that’s impressive, they thought of everything when they made you didn’t they?”

Harkness laughed loudly. There was more than a few lines that he could say to Wally about thinking but the Kid managed to insult himself. He smirked over the rim of his glass and gestured with a small tip of the drink, a symbol of thanks.

At least you’re not lying to yourself" Harkness muttered, loud enough to hear. Really, it should be taken well. Harkness wouln’t act llike this around him if he disliked him. It would be a hell of a lot worse. He took another deep drink

If Harkness had a cap every time someone told him to relax or loosen up he would be a very rich damn android. He shrugged. it was just his nature. Raising an eyebrow at the question Harkness sat back keeping a silence for a moment. “Yes" he confirmed.

I was designed to act and appear as human as possible, So it either effects my system or my system thinks that the appropriate reaction is to appear intodxicaton. Either way I get to have a good time.” There was no acting about it 

They sure did" his tone was begrudiging. He wasn’t exactly their biggest fan.


Harkness wasn’t going to take the damned coffee away from her, he would certainly feel her wrath in an instant. She fires him a warning glance before looking back into the dark depths of her mug, swirling it experimentally before taking a long, well appreciated, sip. It only burned her tongue slightly. Ow. 

"Me and Pud just wanted to come see you," she says matter of factly. Recently their interactions had been limited, Harkness was still getting his barrings back, he was still re-learning everything he once new. Getting familiar with it all once more. It was a frightening thought to her, loosing her memory she couldn’t even begin to conceptualize it, but poor Harkness was experiencing it and couldn’t do a damned thing but keep on going. It was admirable really. He never ceased to amaze her. 

"…I’ve missed you." 

He never thought he could see the day where Maria would attack him with look that rivalled Lana’s, but he instantly backed down. He could deal with a lot of bullshit but hysterical females were something he had learned to stay away from by experience. “Fine" he muttered, not unhappily seeing as he had a a damn coffee in his hand. 

Pud?" Harkness knew what she was talking about but it didn’t stop him from questioning it with a laugh. He smiled warmly. The smile faltered. He wanted to apologise for a situation that for al he knew, couldn’t be helped but he remained silent. Apologising wouldn’t sort shit. "I'm not going anywhere” he spoke reassuringly “especially with..pud on the way.

Again, the smile twitched again “has he told you, what happened?” Even Harkness knew little. Simply the basics. 

Fixin’ Things ( Butch | Harkness )


Every word Harkness spoke was ignored, not to be an ass but just because he was too focused on what the hell was going on outside his room. Fucking idiots. Beyond idiots. How could they fuck up ‘don’t touch a fucking thing’? But somehow they had, at the complete wrong possible time as well. They had both finally been able to step past everything they had been going through, possibly going back to the way they were and someone had to interrupt them. It was too much like it was before, apart from that time it was usually followed by a wave of blonde hair. As he entered the room he pulled his shirt over his head, running a hand through his now unkept curls to sweep them back off his forehead. "If you guys have fucked this I’m gonna kick all your asses, I swear to fuckin’ god."

He instantly went to his chair, fingers tapping at the various switches and keys on the control board in front of him. Completely focused on the mass of lights that displayed what the hell was going on. He figured it was something simple like someone had leaned on the board accidentally. Whatever it was it had ruined his night and he wasn’t happy. The slap on the shoulder actually made him jump because he was too busy scanning the board and then the room to see who fucked up. The one that looked the most nervous. All of them did. "Fuck knows but it’s nothin’ major really, few switches that shouldn’t be on!” He knew the board better then anything, he knew which lights should and shouldn’t be on. With a deft hand he returned the board back to it’s normal state and rose from his chair. "I swear I will knock you all out if ya don’t stop starin’ at me and leave the lab right now. Go on fuck off!" 

Right. The corners of Harkness’s mouth twitched into a smirk as he observed the other do whatever the hell this was. It was a leadership role. Something Harkness was used to daily except Butch approached in a completely different a manner. Standing back, he leaned against one of the consoles to simply watch him Suppressing a laugh Harkness had to admit that it was a different side to him he was seeing, but still the exact same with a profanity thrown in every second word. “Relax" he instructed because he could tell this wasn’t a problem. A problem was usually identified by other running, No one appeared to be running here. He brought the hand up again, lighter, to give his shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “Butch" his tone was more curt, warning. He spoke low to Butch "respect the people that work for you. They’ll give you as much shit as you give them.”

He caught the gaze of one of the scientists who instantly avoided his eye line. “This was an accident, right?" He called. The reply was a quick jerking nod as the poor bastard did everything he could do look around him instead of at him. Harkness gave Butch a smug smile, before nudging him with his hip as he pushed off of the equipment. "Do what you need to do then come back" he instructed. He didn’t want to admit it but the place bothered him. The noises, the stance of the scientists, it reminded him of The Institute and that brought on more than just the average headache. He made his way back to Butch’s. Throwing his shirt off once more to lie back on the cot as he pushed his holsters off and on to the floor. he had intended just to relax and wait. Get away from a working environment to silence, he hadn’t intended to fall asleep. 

I’m going to be fairly quiet the next week. I’m off to London to do some vintage market hunting. I should be able to get to replies on the train journey.
Titanium [Harkness|Ruby]
Harkness watched the skyline of DC through smoke. Inhaling, he let the end of his cigarette burn as an ember. Eyes narrowed surveying the opposite end of the bridge. It was quiet, the market day had past and Rivet City had followed with silence as the traders moved on.

Bored and uninspired, he broke rank. Pushing off of the rusted railing to walk slowly down the bridge to the reach the opposite balcony. Hell, it saved the whole visitors not finding the intercom script. “Welcome to a Rivet City" he spoke low in repetition, not picking up on the approaching visitor.



"Here you go CHIEF!" 

"Just what I wanted to see first thing in the morning.”


"I’m just saying sometimes people have an easier time dealing with shit than others. That’s all I’m saying."  He had no patience for whiny, complaining bastards who refused to help themselves, too. Even if he did want to get shit off his chest. He wasn’t the sort to open up period, and definitely not to Harkness. He knew how weak it’d make him look.  "Sorry," he muttered, tapping at the counter.  "You’re in charge and important now. I won’t talk like a bitch to you anymore."

Harkness’ own bitterness was reflected in Mac. "It’s a big damn ship," he allowed. "With a lot of fucking people. But they’re all strangers to me." It was lonely as hell. Even in the common room, even with Brock, it was bone crushingly lonely. At least in the pen there’d been a sense of camaraderie. Here it was alone in a crowd. Too close to being personal, so he backtracked. "Can you punch through metal then?"

I know that" Harkness argued his tone far from hostile "but there are those that take the piss.” The ones that moped untilt heir past became their personality. Harkness didn’t have much room to talk. It was in his nature to move on with things, he just expected the same from everyone else. He scoffed. “I wouldn’t expect any different from you so don’t you dare." He missed Mac and his dry humour. It would bother him if he started tip toeing around him. 

There was pride evident in his features as Harkness’s shoulders somehow became more square, larger. Filled with a pride for the ship. “It is" he agreed. Harkness folded his arms in an off parental manner. "Have you even tried to speak to them?…With the exception of criticising what they were wearing.” Because he knew Mac but even more so he knew of his social skill. Raising an eyebrow he faltered. Right. He forgot that was why they were here. “Depends" he made a point. "I was designed to deactivate other androids-“ made of metal “but I couldn’t exactly break into a vault.” Those were damn big doors.

"-100 caps to the person that gets me a coffee first."

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