"Oooo~ well forgive me for not knowing that Mr. Fucking Handy.” I track, blah blah blah. Right this wasn’t going to go anywhere if they stood here bickering about it. 

"Mmmhm yeah shout a bit more. I thought you didn’t want Butch to know." 

He stuffs his hands into his pockets and walks on past the distressed Android. “Have you like, asked anyone if they’ve seen her, guards and shit?” 

He was going to punch him. Harkness took a deep inhale noting that this was the Uncle of the child he as looking for and Butchs best friend. It wouldn’t be worth the backlash he would receive. Maybe.

He’s not on this side of the ship" which gave them some time and space to work with.

If I notify the guards, I’ll be questioned on it. He’ll find out.” He also couldn’t tell Lana without her using it against him for the rest of his life. “I’ll check the rooms she would usually be. Susie’s, Maria’s, Mine”


[ IRON FIST; IRON STILETTOS ] She found his overall defensiveness in her wake quite easy to pick at like a vulture.  He always had to defend his honor and it didn’t take much.  Her smile was redder, more terrible.  ❝I came all this way to grace you with pleasant company.  We don’t want to make a scene in your tepid little piece of abode, do we?❞

Right. For each backlash he received he returned with sarcasm. “I didn’t realise my secretary had booked an appointment." Which was bullshit, professionally he worked more casually than she did. He didn’t have time to disguise his work with appointments and pretences. “I feel sorry for the men in your life if an aircraft carrier is littlethe corner of his lips twitched into a smirk.

Words and Actions [Mac|Harkness]


"Okay," he said. Shouldn’t take him long, and it would give him something to focus on rather than stare blankly at the wall for all hours of the day. Yeah I will,” he nodded, properly told. “Andrew,” he added cheekily. He’d been at the wedding.

Mac made a face. “Ew. Do you robo-creep on us? Harkness that’s gross or healthy. You should see a doctor.” Brahmin fucker. But of course, this was just them, and Mac actually felt some of this crushing weight lift off him. Harkness wasn’t in charge of the ship for nothing, and when he wanted to motivational speech he clearly could, and it worked on Mac. But beyond that, between the Chief and Wally, Cyrus, Brock, and everyone else on this ship who’d been damn good to him in the past few days, he was honestly taken aback. And relieved.

He gave him a reassuring nod because as much as he could appreciate that Mac had a problem, Harkness really had to finish all of this paperwork. “Call me that again and you’ll be leaving Rivet City by way of nearest porthole” he spoke casually adding a smile.

His expression crinkled into disgust. “No" because that was something he really wasn’t interested in witnessing. "There’s a lot of people on the ship Mac. People talk.” He laughed. He moved back on to walk around his desk. “So…" Harkness added knowing that if there was something to get Mac to relax it was to take his mind off of things, through gossip. “…I take it things have changed since the Caravan." As he was banging the rudder guard.

"Alright. I’m going off duty."

Little Guy don't eat that!



"Try and stop me, chump,” he said, stuffing the whole thing in his mouth.


"I don’t feel good.." Throws up on Harkness’ boots.



There was a long pause. A very long pause as he contemplated whether or not to push the button just to see if it would blow up or not and deal with the suspense or whether he believed him or not. "Why would ya wanna blow the ship up if you’re on it?" He gasped. "Are you like one of those spies that everyone thinks is the good guy when really he’s not and this is your secret underground bunker thing? That’s awesome!"

No" he shook his head with a small laugh.

Again, he gave the kid a smile “I don’t want to do that to the ship and I would be very angry at anyone that wanted to. I’m the Security Chief here, I keep people safe. Butch, a very good friend of mine, works here and his work is very boring. So we should get out of here. Come on.” He held out his hand in a gesture.

[Institute Transmission to A3-21: Proceed to coordinates 40.6892* N, 74.0444* W to procure runner SI2-81. Physical Description: Female, Light Skin, Red Hair, Blue Eyes. Subject is armed. Reset authorization code: Gamma, 9, 9, Beta]
— Anonymous


[SENT A3-21] Directive Received

Entering the Broken Bow Harkness paused "what are you doing here kid?"


"Can it mister I’m tryin’ to find somethin’ awesome to do. This is all bullshit computers. What does this button do?"

Reaches for the button.


No way. No fucking way. He hadn’t realised Ellie came with damn cousins because he was staring right at her fucking double. Either that or Butch had a hell of a lot of explaining to do. “That button blows up the ship.” Lies. He didn’t know how to talk to kids 

Little Guy don't eat that!


"Try and stop me, chump,” he said, stuffing the whole thing in his mouth.

Fine, eat it. Be ill." He wasn’t arguing with a child. 


"Oh right…" He looked round the office, pretty sure he was not drunk or in the wrong place, or in fact both of those options. 

"Are you sure ya meant to be here man?"

"I’m awaiting the occupant of this office" he responded calmly. Tere had been reports, whispers, of an andoid that had announced himself. He resided here.

Are you said person?” he caught his gaze quickly, looking for synthetic triggers. 

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