How is born? We are not born, we don’t grow. Instead of dying of old age or illness we are wasting.
— Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Philip K. Dick



     ”…the latter, most likely. I was never installed with a pre-programmed personality matrix, so I have had to learn how to behave on my own. It is…very slow going.”

     ”The first time I heard a human sneeze, I thought they had blown a fuse. I like to think I have improved since then.”

You need a game face" Harkness instructed as his mouth formed a tight line. It was hypocrticial considering that Harkness had once been at that stage. A secret that wasn’t so secret now with Mac and his loud mouth,

He scoffed a laugh “wait until you have to fake your own sneeze. That’s a difficult one.”


Turning the tape over in his hands he pondered on what the hell could be on there. Must be something good. Even with the memory blank Harkness had at the moment he knew him better than anyone and if Butch was right he would have found something just for him. Something different. 

He made his way toward one of the back rooms, squeezing his way past Pinkerton’s things, half of them he didn’t know what they hell they did, hence why they had been shoved in a cupboard. He really needed to ask Preston if he could use any of the stuff and he was really starting to need the space now. Finally laying his hands on the projector he twisted his way back to the main room, using his elbow to push some of the paperwork on his desk aside to make room. "Hey sleepy head." The projector was forgotten about for the time being as he made his way over to them both, smiling at Harkness in return before beaming at his daughter who rubbed her eyes with the small fist. "Managed to find it, after crawlin’ through the rest of the stuff in there. Ready when you are Hark."

It was a warm smile on his lips. Harkness barked a laugh before taking the small wrist in his hand, fist still clenched and manoeuvred it in a way so that Ellie took a fake and weak swing for Butch’s jaw. For some damn reason he made the noise to go with it, a muffled dowI, as he repeated the action. Ellie cackled a laugh, a loud shrill that was echoed in his ear. He threw her up carefully and skilfully so that she sat over his shoulders and he held out his hands for the projector.

He set it up, balancing with his system as Ellie wriggled over his shoulders. Her little hands grabbing onto his hair. His system told him the appropriate reaction was to wince show pain, instead he smiled. “Right" he spoke proud "wait for this." He backed up until the back of his knees hit the couch. It was relatively clean, unused by Pinkerton, he didn’t have guests. Sitting down he pulled Ellie down to sit on his knee, she watched the screen as it flickered into focus. “Are you joining us Princess?” his smirk grew as he eyed Butch. 

  • Lone Wanderer: *breathes in the direction of unowned property*



[99997] harkness dont make jokes we’ve talked about this

[99997] but FINE im snickering a bit

[SENT A3-21] This is not a job role I relish.

[SENT A3-21] Is he bothering you?

[SENT A3-21] He can be made to back off if need be.


"Probably, somewhere around here, there’s some of Pinkys stuff in the other room he probably had something’ if ya don’t mind using them that is." He tried to keep it subtle, he knew the relationship they had so it was a touchy subject but most of the stuff down here was his and Butch did use it, with care of course. Apart from the desk. The was a tip. 

"Here she’s sleeping’ and it’s taken me and hour of games and drawn’ to get her there, so your problem if you wake her up. She’s in her cot over there." He threw his thumb over his shoulder towards the sleeping tot. 

He nodded, handing Butch the holotape, pressing it into his chest and allowing his hand to linger over his for a moment before he passed. The walk to the familar door was short and he leaned against the iron frame arms folded as heavy eyes blinked curiously at him. To widen, It was a high pitched yell that welcomed him.

In all honesty, he had missed her. Harkness had no experience with someone her aged and the fact he had seen her grow somewhat was an odd concept to the android. He reached for her as she reached for him and he lifted her easily. “Now if I know your father, I know you’ll love this." He left to find Butch’s eyes offering him a wide grin. 


[99997] fine but im blaming you for damage to personal property

[99997] and no offense but your track record with dates isn’t the greatest so :/

[99997] im headed down there now so JUST IN CASE YOU WANT A DRINK OR SOMETHING

[SENT A3-21] I was almost offended.

[SENT A3-21] I’ve been cornered by Vera. You owe me.

[SENT A3-21] If this, or you, go south I’m going back on duty. 


Spinning in the chair to meet the voice, he replied with his own signature grin. "Sure it does. Well I have no idea what the hell this is all about but if ya think it does then, sure I’m done hereanyway.” He threw the paperwork onto the desk to join the rest of the unorganised shithole that he desk was made up of.

That bothered him, that bothered him a lot. His eyes drifted to the desk before he forced himself to look away for sake of his own sanity. “Do you have something that plays holotapes?” 

Again, his gaze searched the room bfore it quickly snapped back to Butch. Hell, this place was a mess. He didn’t want to think about it. He approached the room, moving closer to him. “l’ll get Little Miss, she’ll want to see this.”


[09868] Don’t torment me. Where you wanting to meet?

He stood at the door of the broken bow, a smirk on his mouth as he visually took in the other. Still unnoticed.

Does here suit?" Harkness laughed, unique, only in this way to him. 

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